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Hi devs.


Sooo, there's one thing that grind my gears : I have lv24 druid with 24 physical damage, which is.. useless..


Yea, we already know that everytime we level up, we'll get +1 damage on our status automatically. Physical Damage. Which is, USELESS for every caster class in this game. All I want to suggest is :


1. Please re-adjust this +1 dmg based on each class in this game. Physical damagers get +1 physical dmg on every level up, n casters get +1 magic power.


2. Or, just give us an option on which status do we want to upgrade with that +1 bonus, magic or physical. This option is useful for "double powered" class like pala or barbarian.


That's all, thanks for reading.

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+1 damage is the punch of every character on his levelup .. because it is physical damage it is added to physical damage attackers as weapon damage

I just wonder if they can make it as magic power for caster, not physical dmg.


Yes, no need to put extra magic on casters as your characters actually can't punch with magic

Casters didnt need to punch actually, they swing their staffs. That's why they dont need physical damage (unless u want to pvp naked). Having 24 physical dmg which I cant use on any situation is just, useless.

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How exactly would it change the skills? There won't be too many damage added.

Let's give an example as a druid.

It would change his heal by 15 or 10 more heals, it would change his lightning bolt damage, insect swarm, water power. Many things would change, same as a physical damager.

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Wont be fair for melees .. gear of casters add their damage +24 will be epic as a caster can reach the max 600 or bit less , magic the level as one said wont be casters anymore but fairies , lol . It is working as it should at the moment .

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For one i see no reason adding magic punches.

what is your purpose fighting nude? If not for the funnsies why give yourself extra m.dmg? Competitive nudist brawls? XD

if you calculate, even a small magic boost goes a long way while skill-ing making it an unfair advantage in normal pvp.


I rest my case.... -No-

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Yes please add !


Stop being damn greedy u stupid meelees, what's wrong if we get an extra 24 magic? You'll kill healers in 4 hits instead of 3?


Mages and warlocks will get 10% of your HP rather than 5%?



Balance the game out and add it TY!


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