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verification code


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im having trouble entering the verification code..


tried 4 times and no success..


help me out and talk to support please roland or who ever gets here first  ;)

verification code.JPG

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Clean browser cookies or use another browser. It should help, I hope so.

I had faced this problem and I will tell you my story and my solution.


Sometimes when I want to send a ticket, buy mcoins (anything else on ws's site), I write the verification code and it takes time to load the next page, so I press many times on the "Send" button so it loads faster, but I actually discovered that this increases the time of loading the page much more by asking me to re-write another code, xD. So the solution is not to press on the "Send" button many time if the page didn't load fast.

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yeah thnx bugs but really thank you roland..


i had to re-block pop ups and clear cookies which got rid of ads also..


so bugs ur issue is to reset defaults for ur browser settings which i apparently just did and now my browser is as it was..


thnx again roland  :give_rose:

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