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one crazy man with some crazy post

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I have report a bug

When we craft a upgrade of any item and cancel it , the old item will be unbind and losed all enchants.



I said the support they need to give me my +8 cloack with gc back.



And i asked where i can find the rule which say that when i do a lvl up and switch to a new arena tourny lvl that they delate my old arena points in the old lowe lvl tourny.


His first answer was read the eula, i have read it and told him there stay nothing about the craft cancel and tourny.


His answer


Hello there!


Your email will be added to a blacklist due to unmotivated act of agression.

We won't tolerate such behaviour without any reason.


You won't be provided any further technical support.


Good bye!


What that for a gay support . U write only trash.


U dont like talk social?


U dont like support?



I dont pay for no work.


Ohh i never more buy mcoins till u stop to cheat only to get more money.

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Thats really selfish airgrind,u cant accept your bugged game and dont like fix your errors.


Who have the damage again?


The players which pay for your food,for your drinks,drugs and your future.


You need learn the concept of support.

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