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(Forum game) Corrupt a wish

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On the 14 of July 215, at exactly 14:28 CET. Walk out your front door and turn right, then turn left at the next corner, take 43 steps forward and stop. Tilt your head ever so slightly to right and you will see noso slowly walk pass, here's your chance to kill him! But whiles your head is tilted to the right you don't notice the truck speeding toward you until it's too late, both you and him die that day.


(Pretend you didn't read that last part) (Noso, go on holiday to Egypt, there's nothing to worry about)




I wish i had a 5 star rating on my profile, some ***s gave me 4 star.




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Your trolling capabilities are far from those troll lords we had. You are not a substitute for the greatness they have bring.

Your job is horrible, your actions dont deserve to be mentioned either in a positive way, or in a negative one.



I want swaaz back

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Your PC arrived yesterday. But how u didnt know? Did someone steal it?


I wish the world would be free of idiotism, corruption, REASONs to war and that the world becomes smarter, nuclear fusion power to power all of our society, that we now about inter atomar quantum structures, ultimate achievements in science and technologie along with quantum computers.


Why? that we can annoy Noso there are computers 1,000,000 times better than his

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