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(Forum game) Corrupt a wish

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This is a game I adapted from the Goodgame Empire forums and in-game Grepolis forums. It's quite popular and fun to do, so I thought: Why not do it on the Warspear forum?


The game goes as following: Human 1 makes a wish, and human 2 corrupts it. The corruption may be done in whatever way you want.


X: I wish a house.


Y: You get a camper.


    I wish a thunderstorm.


X: You get a blizzard.


Something like that.

I'll start:


I wish a house.

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With no privacy anymore, and the media always chasing you every everywhere, you fall into a deep and dark depression to which you cannot recover from. You are found in your bathroom two weeks later, dead... from a drug overdose.



I want your life.




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You are the only one of your kind, no one understands you and you cannot cope seeing all your friends and loved ones die of old age whiles you live on in this never ending cycle. You fall into a deep and dark depression to which you can never recover from.  You can't take this existence any more!!.... Eons pass and no one has ever heard from you again, some say you stood in front of the bright sun and finally gained happiness through a death in ashes.



I want a bottle of Coke.


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No coke for you, it seems like you are high on it :D you will end up in a padded cell in a psychiatric cause its driving you crazy to live without coke, dat addiction is too deep. You are suicidal :D


I wish i could use my brain to 100%

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You relies that the myth  "we can only use 10% of our brain" is a lie, with this new revelation you start to question everything you know and everything you have ever been told. You cannot tell what is true and what is a lie, everything you know is turning upside down and your whole life is collapsing before your very eyes. Your fragile body can't cope with this turmoil of an existence any more, you fall into a deep and dark dep-  :spiteful:



I wish i knew the answer to everything.




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