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[2023.12.27] Contest “The New Year greeting card - 2024”

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Dear friends!


The New Year is in the air! Yet it wouldn’t have been a proper holiday without the annual Greeting Cards Contest – but here it is! Feel free to share your festive cards to get exclusive New Year’s gifts!

There are no restrictions on how to create a greeting card: it can be a drawing with pencils or in a graphics editor, a plasticine sculpture or a collage of magazine clippings - in general, do whatever your heart desires! And remember, the more imagination you show, the more chances to win!


In your works you can use any attributes of the World Creation holiday: screenshots of the Snow Boundary locations, characters, costumes, and everything that comes to your mind (within proprieties, please).


Create a topic in THIS section of the forum with the name "[Your character’s name] - [game server]" and add your greeting card to it, which will have:

- New Year greeting;

- logo/inscription "Warspear Online".


Your work must not violate the rules established by the forum. This means that it cannot contain:

- Obscene expressions, even in a veiled form;

- Discussions of political and national topics;

- Descriptions or demonstrations of acts of a sexual nature;

- Insulting non-fictional characters (players or other people);

- Using other people's and downloaded works from the Internet (including the work of AI).


Also, do not forget the main rule: one participant - one work.


Prize Description:

Gold winners100 South Pole Cache + 30 Legendary Chest of the White Wanderer + unique Gold Forum Badge;

Silver medalists: 50 South Pole Cache + 20 Legendary Chest of the White Wanderer + unique Silver Forum Badge;

Bronze medalists: 30 South Pole Cache + 10 Legendary Chest of the White Wanderer + unique Bronze Forum Badge.


The works are accepted until January 11 14 inclusive. After that, within a week, until January 19, the jury will determine the winners and we will publish the results.


We wish you a holiday and creative mood!


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