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Priests too tanky nowadays like as a support and cloth user.


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Hi most people use priests in sentinels like as support but when it buff partner you cant kill it(partner) and you cant kill priest too coz too tanky can make full hp with 1 skill even.

i think some heal skills and holy shield might be a bit longer skill colldown.My english isnt good enough but i tried my best for to understand what i say.Ty and good games

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Priests don't have a resist skill, or a passive heal, making them just dummies with 0 survivability when stunned. Necros have identical heal/shield with the same talents available, never really ran into an issue with them being too tanky once caught.


I'd argue that the thing that makes them really hard to kill off, atleast in a 1v1, is their left side branch talent which removes stuns passively with aura. Similiar to what necros have on their poison shield.

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