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[2023.11.17] «Horror Contest - 2023»! Results

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You have drawn enough blood to gratify the Horror Contest & satisfy the jury! They have been merciful, though, to stop the bloodshed and pick the most gruesome of your outfits!


Additional nomination "Brothers of Terror" with a prize of 30 Night Masters' Caches

@ivanildosilva140 - topic link
@Kodiack - topic link

@Flokii - topic link

Audience prize - Gold winner:
@Biroleibe Ws - topic link

Mister and Miss Originality - Gold winners:


King and Queen of Fear Gold winners:

Mister and Miss Median Night - Bronze winner:



Prize description:

Gold winners: 20.000 Miracle Coins + any costume of the Horror Circus for choose + unique gold forum badge;

Silver winners: 15.000 Miracle Coins + any set of decorative skins of the Horror Circus for choose (for one character) + unique silver forum badge;

Bronze winners: 10.000 Miracle Coins + any collections of smileys of the Horror Circus for choose + unique bronze forum badge.


Also, as a token of gratitude, the rest of the participants, whose works met the conditions of participation, will receive an incentive prize - 10 Night Masters' Caches!


Thank you for participating, and see you in new contests! 


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