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Priest need something to help raising its magical defence and physical defence or avoid dmg.


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As you know priest is a great buffer , debuffer class and not to mention as a healer ,now with talent help to remove negative affect and also can become a dmg class.Even though if you compare survivality rate on dg is hard to manage.


These ideas are the suggestion:


1-aura priest skill add new condition raise def and mag def just on priest 50% Or meanwhile lose hp raise def and mag def % with limit.




2-priest shield skill when an enemy destroy the shield just on priest make a buff that raise its def and mag def 50%.but if u spawn the shield just have 50% and don t raise more .if u use the shield on other don t apply just on yourself.


Those buff just can be apply on pve mode.on pvp no


In conclusion just need better survivality on dg and pve bosses mechanic event etc  .


Just find the way 




Idk if can help cuz mechanic balance need to be tested.

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