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Beginner seek for advices


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Hello guys. After 1 month playing this game, trying a lot of server, playing on both side (elf, mc), testing every class, playing my first ever event (holloween)... I finally found the class that i enjoyed the most which is Rogue. Although it's level 8 currently. 



I have a few questions and i hope i can get cool answers.


1. At what level should i invest my gold? 11? 13?  I notice that if i buy low level equip, it doesn't feel worth the gold after a few level up..


2. Should i just focus on buying weapon instead of buying armor, boots, etc? Because i noticed that having higher defense barely reduce mobs damage at irselnort map. But when having good weapon, i killed mobs faster.


3. What should i focus on actually at early phase of game? Improve my stats??


Crystal and runes kinda expensive in market. Price of 1 harmony crystal can get me 2 rings + 1 amulet. 



Looking for great advice thanks

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1. Level 15 is the most common level I hear you should start investing but idk regarding rogue. 


2. I'd say weapons first then armor.


3. Armor and damage. Stats will come. Though I am not a rogue player. Others should know.


Runes are expensive but you should focus on defense runes but idk about crystal 

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My advice just focus on leveling up with the help of 3 free minions given for new players. Save your gold. When you go to island 2 Irselnort, it is recommended to use defend minion (unique state, not common) buy them at market, so it can help you kill all boss easy as they will tank them all (or you can cry at world chat and ask for help your choice). After complete island 2,  next is island 3 Ayvondil, you should be level 18 by now, use your gold to buy weapon only because you can still walk thru mobs even with your level 10 equipments, again use minion to help you, preferably support heal type.  Should be easy until you reach town 3 Ayvondil. 

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