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Talent Tree Branch cost?

Ahmed Didar


I thought it was free to change talent tree branch, I switched to other branch thinking it will just cost 1 knowledge every time you switch but I was left in disappointment when I saw I will need like 14k+ knowledge to switch back. Why? Players spend a lot of damn time in unlocking talents so why the hell they can't change it as they will? 

And what's this? 2 skill build supported but talent branch remains the same in both skill build? If you made 2 skill builds for efficiency then why not let talent branch work correspondingly with both of the skill build? Skill build 1 is bind to any one of the branch you choose like the left branch and skill build 2 should be able to bind to any talent branch you choose like the right one or middle.

It's NOT FAIR AT ALL. You guys really think that gathering 500k-600k knowledge to max a branch is easy? no way man wth, do you know how long it takes and not being able to switch freely as I will because I put my damn time in to unlock IS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD.

Now, how does the cost of switching talents work? someone told me it takes 10k but why is it 14k for me?

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The replacement process requires 24k from me.The first change only required 1 knowledge point.I thought it would be 1 point the next time, but it was 24k for the second time.I'm currently stuck in the game without any talents and this is ridiculous.

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