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“A shaman foresees events distant in time and space, discovers the place of a lost animal, forecasts prospects for fishing and hunting, and assists in increasing the gain. He is also a healer and a psychopomp, one who accompanies the dead to their otherworldly domain. He fulfills all these obligations by communicating directly with the spirits whenever he pleases.”

Stated above is a definition of a shaman and I want some reworks on some skills without breaking the shaman’s role.

Specifically, ANCESTRAL’S HAND and POWER OF THE EARTH needs rework or atleast additional effects on it as it was the most not used in sham skill. Any reworks  about it that would make sense please.

As for my own opinion and ideas, statement below will be the details and explanation regarding my idea about the skill.



I don’t see this skill as useless since pulling your endangered allies is a lifesaver but there’s something lacking in it for me. I will give you a situation where it becomes lacking.
Ex.) You cant pull your endangered ally (specifically cloth user, very squishy) if it already got 1 hit by a sneaking enemy (seeker/rogue, using ink pots heroes, etc ), strong bosses/mini/elite mobs, etc.

As for this, I recommend something that will make Ancestral Hand a trigger skill that will pull automatically your  ally beside shaman once he will be in danger leaving a 1 hp (if he will be 1 hit) and activate the shield that absorb some damage so shaman can have time to heal and save its ally. Ofcourse it has a cooldown to limit its capability.
Yes ofcourse shaman can do that coz they can foresee a glimpse of future so.




This skill is good since it’s an hp buff but a buff that will decay is kinda off so it is not used too by many. Why not just make it pure hp buff and no decays like charmer’s blessing ?

Making it with no decays will be good or making it as pt buff instead but reduced its strength to compensate.


Or just completely remake it that will enhance shamans’ arsenal in terms of damage especially that will connect to its basic attack speed build path ? 



This is just my concern as of the moment about sham. The decision still be yours but please make some changes about the Ancestral’s Hand and Power of the Earth skills so it will be used again.

No more to unused but not forgotten skills pls.

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I completely agree with the idea of Ancestral's Hand being auto-triggered. Additionally, I suggest that if the endangered ally is already close to the Shaman, where pulling them might not be necessary, the skill could substitute the pull effect with a disabling effect on the attacker. This could involve pushing the attacker a few squares away or temporarily disabling them for a few seconds. This modification would create a clear window for both the Shaman and the endangered ally to react. I hope this suggestion adds strength to the overall concept.

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