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Suggestion for the "Blessing of the mountains" Key talents


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as the title says, blessing of the mountain skill is supposed to be a skill for hunters to use to be able to survive in fights a bit longer as well as maxing out their "dodge" parameter which is the defensive mechanism damage classes are designed to use ( Rogue and Ranger too )  to not become a glass canon and immediately die to any sign of damage

that being said the problem me and other hunter players face when it comes to attempting to take advantage of our designed parameter "Dodge" is that "blessing of the mountain" skill doesn't go well with the idea or game player of hunter or rather ranged class.

as a ranged backline class your first intention is to avoid as much damage as possible however this isn't support by the key talent the "blessing of the mountains" skill has which is:


image.png Blessing of the Mountains: Reduces all incoming damage to the character by H% and increases his “Dodge” parameter by D% for T sec.

image.png Agility: If the character dodged the attack while the "Blessing of the Mountains" skill was in effect, the duration of the positive effect of the skill will increase by 2 sec. The effect is triggered no more than once every 4 sec.

the idea of having the need to take damage in the first place in order for the image.pngAgility talent to work and that's only if you dodge an attack otherwise the talent won't be granting you what it designed to do is simply unfair assuming the skill is supposed to make you withstand damage IF you do take some ( your goal would be to avoid damage to begin with ) but this talent in other words is forcing you to take damage for it to be activated ( keep in mind that the dodge parameter has been getting extremely underwhelming with the fact of many classes now can grant accuracy parameter increase whether to themselves or to their allies ) on top of that the skill has a short duration and the only way you could maintain it is through the talent.

thus i would like to suggest the rework of the  image.pngAgility  talent to the following:


image.png Agility : If the character has the "Blessing of the Mountains" skill , the skill would become permanently active, and every time the character dodges an attack the amount of damage reduction the skill grants is increased by 2.5% for 10 sec, but no more than 10%

meaning the talent would increase damage reduction every time the character dodges up to 10% ( at 4/4 the skill will be 15% + 10% from talent having 25% damage reduction at max increased amount)


this way hunters will be able to always have their defensive parameter "dodge" active and don't have to risk taking damage in order for them to maintain the skill, it will make people more interested in playing this skill and talent as it would help the hunter a lot by not being so fragile and dying the moment they get harmed or stunned



Thank you :good:

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