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Sharpnarut'a Power


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I think u are not a guild member on these pictures. I saw your stats and u have 5k hp and over 7k def. :) Anyway nice pictures.

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Dat crit tho' O_o


But the priest probably has lvl4 aura and lvl5 armistice and add that to lvl4 banner... So yeah it adds like 100% dmg ;D

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He add the skill to increase 2 times your damages when hitting a target that have less than 20% of it's HP.

So, if you divide twice, he dealt something like 1,3k

Nah that's a priest skill ;D

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As most ignorant high amp noobs dont care about their mdef at all - this will teach them :D

(especially when wearing lvl5 ice for the dmg boost)

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Pvp me nude bruh xd

But in all honesty not bad setup

If i can't chain stun there's a chance of losing, would love to pvp :)

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