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More than equaliser, over-skilled

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Why druid could heals itself? They use heavy armor, and even when we attack till half of their hp they heal to fully restored. Darn

Maybe if DK get healing skill we more balanced. Isn't it?

And no pop up says Legion's flag captured by Setinnel. (Again)

Ah sokay, we lose today Legioners. 1-3 become 4-3 next battle.

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Mhm druid has exactly 1 stun skill that works to 100% and that's root. Tornado doesn't have everyone ( I don't have it for example) and forest song is no 100% chance to stun. Last "stun" is Waterball -> just if you use lighting after and that stun doesn't even hold on for a second. Anything else on the stuns is depending on skill level :)

Hard to attack and easy to recover their hp

Easy to recover the hp -> also depending on the skill level of secret link. I personally always try to PvP without secret link and it works good if you got any tactic.

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It's getting stereotyped. MOST of the Indonesians and Brazilians complaing about "balance", while there already is.

As far as I have seen, is that their last stunning skill has been nerfed, and "Forest Song" has not that high chance of success.

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Oh ok sorry, so you are a girl. x:

I looking for char named xredbirdx last two days in pvp cave or t4 elves

But I can't found her. XD

Sometimes I stay ↓ t3 elves. And no one kill me. Lol.

Yes sorry im in THEMERCS and we are going #1 this week so got much stuff to do with dg spams etc. Let's see next week :) should be free then.

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