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Best Ride in Halloween event 2023

Ancient One

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0:00 - Intro
16:35 - Vampire chronicle final talent in 2023 halloween new branch
19:00 - About horror talents
32:00 - Pumpkin vampire attraction Ride (they removed the ride after sometime from the server)
38:00 - Doing pumpkin vampire attraction again
52:46 - Blasting mayhem Ride
1:08:35 - Arena 
1:12:07 - Arena
1:14:50 - Arena
1:16:48 - Deadly extravaganza
1:21:12 - Ride with grenade skill upgrades(how much token one can make)
1:24:41 - Ride with sword skill upgrades (how much token one can make)
1:42:20 - Ride explaination
1:44:19 - Understanding the ride more detailed explaination
1:51:26 - My max tokens from deady extravaganza ride. and explaining how to get 60 tokens everytime in this ride (6 upgrades of fiery skull and 2 upgrades on grenade = max tokens from this ride) with world event buff and battle pass gl token buff a player can make around 90-100 tokens just an estimation.
2:10:04 - This is the proof making it the best ride of halloween 2023
2:28:09 - Arena, classic game didnt died

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