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Top Elves Overall


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Bladedance - Swagathero - Kalamata - Voonz
Ranger - Snowrange - Xxamitxx
Druid - Fastearr - Easywayout

Paladin - Zeusxelie - Gladiator
Mage - Skynete - Kesler - Fffghosts
Priest - Priestmini - Behappyy

Barbarian - Arenawar
Rogue - Shockboner
Shaman - Xxdeaathxx

Deathknight - Dopknight - Mailliwdxb
Warlock - no pvp
Necromancer - Negativism - Necromummy - Cybernemm.

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I Have considered all aspect, from the guild buff to everything related equipment and skill use. Only for PVP

So deaath is better then me, so ty Mailli


I think now is the only shaman can beat me in PVP, with other i can try to win :)

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Death is #1 shaman IMO, knows everything about old lab and new avyondl, knows how to take advantage of necromancer nightmare 4 yards and blind 5 yards instead of saying "Necro OP" just like 99% shaman of us sapphire. Even tho he spams loser party doesn't mean he is not skilled, face him in 2v2 and you will know c:

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Yes, I didn't list him in my list for nothing. We've had many awesome Arena fights in 5v5 and 2v2 back when Arena was fun :/ and he is definitely a good 1v1 player.

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