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Add a small amount of gp by killing enemy players

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Hi all,


considering that need a lot of gp to lvling guild & earning gp is boring (dungeons & questing all time atleast for me it's boring), would be cool if we could get gp by killing players from other faction.

The gp amount we re gonna get will depend on the level of the player tht we re killing.


This will be cool cos there will be many more wars & hunts, & will add lot of fun to the game, also devs will make more money cos ppl will buy more life & buffs pots. Also the "weak" players will have another reason to amp (buy mcoins).


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Would there be a way to prevent farming this? 

(By 2 guilds from different factions willing to get killed by the other guild. even if you would get 1 gp/kill it would be easy to get quite large amounts of gp with pot)

The best way would be not to get gp if the same enemy was killed by you within the last hour or two.

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That would be a great idea, since arena is deserted.

What about winning gp only if you kill a member from one of the top 3 guild (exsept your's), allowing you to win gp from duel using chaos potion by the way, or at least a good lvl guild ?

I d like to be free to kill all to get gp  :blush:

Plz devs can u tell us if it will be possible to implement something like that in a near future? So atleast i can know if i can stop dreaming or i can continue ;D

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I personally doesn't like the idea(no offensive :) ).The reason is we don't want guild tournament turn to "who abuse the system most gonna win" right? I mean people can use robot or something to repeat the same thing and he/she doesn't even need to be there to obtain gp.There are reason why exp point are only obtainable through daily quest.


Well,my idea is to make a special daily quest that give you fat GP(only GP but alot) by killing enemy faction.We got hunting enemy to get CC,so making this is more realistic and 1 time quest/per day will prevent people to abuse the system.So let say if your idea was to get 1 gp/per kill,we can make the quest give 100 gp by killing 10 enemy from each class.This is just example of course.

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