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Breaking PC-Download (not that broken tho)


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When you download the .exe file for windows, the downloaded file won't work sometimes, as i get this message:



Installer intefrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy.


More information at:



So after i read that "Common clauses include incomplete download and damaged media" I thought it would be a solution to download it again.

However, the file started working at the 15th download.


It worked so you cant say it's completely broken.

But, 15 attempts to get a unbroken download? Thats a bit... much.


The new problem started at the next update- same thing.

I noticed that my browser often just cancels the download- but deals with it like its a complete successfull download.



- ok, just clicked the download button

- 10%... just one or two mins and itd be done...

- woah done allready

- :/ *face of dissappointment*


I also noticed that that depends on the connection- slightest bit of lag turns the file to be "complete"


As the WiFi in my room isn't that strong... yeeh....


But, as even if the download isn't (completely) broken (yet), it is still an issue that needs some supervision :)


The problem might be considered fixed- but only for those who know how to handle these problems. However having the download ready at the 8th attempt, isnt that funny, and it is a bit frustrating.



So how did i kinda fix it?

As i said, the slightest lag can turn the file as complete-

If you regard the fact that lag can be counted as "mini disconnections", i just paused the file while downloading and letting it run only for a short time, pausing it again.

Sometimes the file is "complete" at 96%, yet still broken. Frustrating



So, i am asking you admins to look after this problems :) but with a bit laggy connection, as you would usually expect a download to properly complete and be succesful- or fail at all.

However it seems that the server says the download is complete as soon as the connection has ended, ignoring the fact how it has ended.


I also have seen some other posts mentioning the same- that the download is repeatadly broke, and it usually ended with roland saying that "everything is working correctly" and locking the topic before the persons with the issue can further explain how.


I hope this has helped you, if you have experienced similar problems, or if you are an admin, a further perspective where the problem might be. :D

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And what?

Or server is working ok, file is also ok, what should we do?

NSIS error is a common one, but this is not our error, sorry(

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