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(scaming acc) was begging to give mcoins lol..please see


shokd i have let him known my id n pwd and get scammed?  

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  1. 1. shokd i have let him known my id n pwd and get scammed?

    • ya u should have
    • no u did right in not taking free mcoins :P lol

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Ok it started with him pmin me and saying he got +10arena bow n longbow...after that the screenshot will say..nhe said he rapgear from eu..bro of gwaptio...so lets see now





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lol, this must be the guy who hacked Rapgear's account, he was also scamming people, and just to tell you guys You don't need password to load Miracle coins on your account just email, and anyways I don't think gwapito and rapgear are related  :wacko:

I have gotten MC from friends via Paypal and SMS, only needed Email..

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Theres guy named pimpdaddy on eu-emerald, he wanted to give me free 23k mc, all he needed was my id and password... When i told him i wouldnt never fall for that obvious scam, he told he works for aigrind and is going to get me banned  ;D  Too bad i cant add screenshots from my ipad....



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i got headache reading the ss chat  :wacko:  turning my head left and right  ;D

anyway to alonzo pls add the name of scammers in the first page and which server they play.

if i see them playing i will give a good report to the ws team

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PM I got earlier today, saying Sulla is a girl! (more or less)


":clapping:An mc player named sulla came to elfside today as pimpdaddy and continuesly asked me for my id and password for my lvl 20 char queenivy I kept tellin her no and to make her leave me alone I told her a fake id 147714 and then put her on ignore she then made another char and continued to hound me for my password I told her no again and ignored her again I don't wanna be hacked or be accused of being a hacker plz do something about this or what do I do"


Sulla, confess now!  :rofl:

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