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Mc War Leader


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It seems that the mcs are very disorganized when war starts, Small groups going in every direction, No one is regrouping, Everyone thinks they r the leader, it is just a MESS!!!!!! So I proprose that we have a vote for war leader. I would like everyone to please nominate a good leader for the war and I will make a poll, the winner will be our leader on a trial basis and we shall see how he/she does. 


Please nominate based on how this person leads, THIS IS NOT (I repeat NOT) a popularity contest, nominate someone who can get respect from mcs and can get them organized, someone with great plans to help us come into victory almost everytime if not everytime, someone who can take others ideas and make them into a great plan for winning a war!!!!!!


I will start a poll for the nominations by the end of this weekend. 


Good luck!!! 


:give_rose:  :give_rose:  :give_rose:

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War leader? Is it necessary?


:facepalm: Obviously, or people would just sit st the town or wonder around in small groups or by themselves. Either way, nothing is accomplished. That how mc lost the war.


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Oh... Good luck in searching the skilled war leader, mcsakens :wink:

For me Chronoz is the best war leader in legion side ever.

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