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[2015.03.30] Preview: Warspear Online update 4.9. One on one

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Oh well...might be a good one.

Btw does the earth protection from shaman and barkskin from druid get a fixed %(lvl 1 increase 8% ,lvl 2 increase 16%,lvl 3 increase 24% etc) or does it vary and depend on armor value of the target?

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Barbarian sholud get always stun in charge and stun in shield strike be amazing i think... others tanks have x2 stun in class, but barb only 1 : and fail :shok:


Please fix that :give_rose:

Barbora has "heal" which other tanks doesnt have...
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Repellent Strike. We added stunning to the skill mechanics. In case of successful use of the skill, ie strike was parried, blocked or dodged, the goal stuns for two seconds


Does that mean the stun will not be applied unless the enemy blocks/parries/dodges the attack?

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Ill do a new video about the update as soon as its online :)

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