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Dual wield lock

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Apparently you are a warlock, and you fell under powered. The idea of duel magical weapon use have already been suggested for shamans, and the result was that it would give too much damage. Warlock is doing enough damage as it is, the casters don't need more damage. You might as well let paladin use two spears at the same time.

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2nd reply made me lol.



but seriously, can you devs think about making new weapons for all classes? but mainly casters cus we've had the same damn staffs for too long and it needs changing up.............. idk if its me but they really make costumes look ugly sometimes....


also im sick of the constant disappearing of my weapon each time i use a skill, make it come from the weapon!

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Same behavior as feminazis, propagandic patriotists and many others....

I suggest you should go bury yourself.


As 174326598732mk said, this allready has been suggested, and you should go to that post.

Second reason why you should go bury yourself.

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Thad be cool.. There deffinatly needs to be more cool changes in-game. Warspear should be more of an actual role playing game.. Like.. Lifeeey. N shieet. But uhh I'm not the creator just a player. At that note is lvl 30 a real update or a lie. Because dual wield is ducking killer.

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If you use shield you can show off with around 5k def - i have 4.5k :[ but only because i got nearly 3k mdef..

Wee need signs gold and gp :




Anyways you dont know how well mace+magic+shield goes.

I can almost wreck anyone with this build

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