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Exchange system

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Most likely already brought to light but I'm gonna reiterate the fact that exchange system is broken and takes too long to exchange large amounts of items. If not take the limit away atleast increase the amount each stack can handle for 10 to 20, some of us been playing for years and our bags aren't nearly big enough to house costumes and different sets of gear we keep for different situations, and then add in quest items and arena tickets, my bag has been maxed out for some time and atleast twice or three times a week I have to store stuff on second hand store just to make some quick space. Some of us don't want to take time to buy a guild just for storage also. We need personal storage chests like guild one. Heck you could even charge us to upgrade the amount of spaces in it, there ya go more money for ya GMs. Don't see why this wouldn't be an issue worth resolving it benefits us the players and puts more cash in your pockets from mcoin purchases.

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