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dk need be buff cause below reason


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as u can aee since u nearf dk dark shiled !now shiled cant decreseing dot dmg like bleeding and posion now elfs can ez kill dk if use bleeding skill!(so need buff blood protection or shiled/i suggest make blood protection as a nactive skill like hplow than30%,it active itself,cause its save expert skill 2sec time )and more dk thrid talent need change crit%to pene cause no one will pick thrid talent if no change like it cause crit%useless in pvp!!!

and ome more cause




dk now


hardly tank mm dg cause ez get 20+bleeding debuff on sharks!plz buff dkasap!


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Just a little adjustment
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If you want to add more infos on your thread, all you have to do is edit it. There's no need to write a further reply to add just few things. Please, keep that in mind in the future. 

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dark shield is one of the skills dk have for defense, you can't except it to tank everything for you, specially considering that its a basic skill. as well as you... as a dk you are not excepted to tank everything solo, or at least shouldn't be. a healer could remove some bleeds or heal you and shield you among other things


secret reserve heals you for its duration then gives you 20% damage reductions for its cooldown.

sharp shadow gives you 20% of ur max health as heal each time you use it with saturation


try investing some in defensive stats like parry, resist and block

if you have mermen special skill life would be much, much better for you


don't relay on 1 skill or 2, use every sliver of death knight you have in you

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