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Answers from administration to all your questions!

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Dear players!

Our forum is growing big, so it looks like we need a working system of your questions about the game,the forum etc.

That's why we want to present this topic to you: we're sure it will help to create a useful dialogue between you, brave warriors, and us, your humble administration.

This topic will consist of the answers to the most important questions, also it will serve as addition to some other important topics.

And, please, understand the fact, that not all questions can be answered immidiately and placed here, don't forget to use the "Search" button to browse forum information.


Answers of all time:

You will find here the most frequently asked questions asking which has no sense on our forum.

Q: My account is blocked, what should I do?

Q: My account was stolen/exchanged/tried to sell and was robbed, have any advice?

Q: I've forgotten login and password, HELP ME ANYONE!

A: This kind of questions can be answered only by our support team, so the best option is to send your ticket (with the problem description) via this address http://warspear-online.com/en/support. We will neither answer, nor approve topics with this kind of question.

Don't forget to visit the topics you may find useful:




Q: When the next update / next Ayvondil part will be released?

A: We always inform your about every update in our official news. If the exact date of release is unknown for the moment we publish preview post on this forum and on our social network pages. And don't forget about in-game news/

Q: When technical maintenance will finish? You promised to start the servers 5 (10, 15...) minutes ago, what's wrong?

A: Update process is always rather complicated, it has a lot of details and not all of them can be predicted. So it's meaningless to ask such question on our forum, because our team is always trying to finish the maintenance asap under within the standard regulations term.

Q: Why everything in your game is working in this way, not the other?

A: This is a complex question, which includes many different topics from many different parts of the forum.

The most important thing here is understanding that every game (video game or board game) has it's own rules and mechanics, which are created by the developer not by chance, but after some massive piece of work.

In that case everything is working just as planned, if we're not talking about serious bugs.

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Q: Is it possible to transfer my character to another server?

Q: Is it possible to restore the deleted character?

A: Sorry, but this kind of actions is impossible in our game. It's technically impossible actually.


Q: Why did I get a bow from a monster, besides I'm playing for mountain clans/undead?

A: It's impotant to understad that we have common drop system for both alliances, so if we remove bow and crossbow from drop, they won't also available for elfs/human to get.


Q: Why don't we have 1vs1 arena in the game?

A: It's because our game is created and balanced for group fights, during which every talent of every class should be in use.


Q: There are a lot of characters 1-3 lvl with good nicknames, they're not playing now for some time, is it possible to take their names?

A: It's impossible for now, but this situation is not final, we're planning to reorganize our database in the future and you will have the mentioned possibility.


Q: I've accidentally passed my leadership to other player / some player don't want to retur the borrowed gold / I was cruelly tricked fo 10 gold, will they be banned?

A: Well well well, guys, this in-game situations can happen every day and administartion won't be involved in them (because it's really hard to fing who's guilty). That's why we stringly recommend to be attentive and thoughtful in any situation like this.


Q: Why can't I amplify my item even I did my best? Someone can do it in no time.

A: It's all about luck, luck and one more time luck.

Enchantment is pretty random process and mostly depends from luck. Chances are set the same for every player on our servers!
Please, do not forget to use Signs Of Imperishability when you enchanting your items after +1 level (Chance of enchantment from +0 to +1 is 100%, but then, unfortunately, it's decreasing)


Q: When arena season is finished?

Q: What kind of rewards will we get?

A: We're planning to organize 4 seasons per year, three months each, the recent rewards are still the same (aura + a ring), but we're planning some changes in the future, about them we will surely make an announcement.


Q: I want to be an in-game moderator. Are you planning to implement them?

A: Nope, we are not planning to hire such staff.


Q: Why do we have so few skill and items slots in the panel?

A: That's right, the more expert skills we release the fewer slots remain, that's why we want you to create your own character build and just those skills, you really will be using.


Q: Why can't I get the access to Ayvondil? I've already finished all the quests.

A: Looks like, not all the quests. To gain access to Ayvondil you should finish all quests on Irselnort, Astral Labyrinth, Swamps, Chainless League and three levels of Berengar Tower.


Q: I've acquired some item set, tried to calculate all the bonuses from four items, but looks like I didn't get them, what's wrong?

A: Set bonus - it is common bonus, not bonus per item!
First 2 items will open 1st bonus stat, 4 items enables second bonus.


Q: I've read Book of Oblivion and lost all my skills, including expert skills! What went wrong?

A: Don't worry, you haven't lost anything. But now all your skills reset, so you should level up base skills antil you reach 18 level, then you will be able to level up your expert skills.


Q: How to change a name of my character? I'm sure it's possible.

A: Yes, it's pretty simple, just follow these steps: Menu => Character => Equipment => Menu => Change name


Q: How to level up my guild?

A: Once again, it's rather easy. Just press Menu => Society => Guild => Menu =>Progress => Menu => Level Up. And now you and your partners are much stronger!


Q: Why can't I register my new elf character? System doesn't allow me to do it, saying something about population.

A: That's how our faction autobalance system works, so you wait until rival population grows or try to create your character on another server.


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Q: What should I do if I haven't received the answer in one minute/hour/day?

A: First advice here - don't panic. Technical support works only on working days and will surely give you an answer in 5 working days.  But some cases are more complicated and it takes more time to answer, please, understand this situation. Don't forget to check your spam folder :)

And remember, "I didn't receive the answer" doesn't equal "I have the answer, but I don't like it".


Q: I've already sent about 1000 tickets to your support, to make it sure, why still no result?

A: You energy and passion are truly admirable, but in this case it's kinda worthless. Your actions of this kind can just make our work more difficult, other players will suffer too.

Don't forget to read this topic, really nothing to add after this.


Q: I noticed that someone broke the rules of the game in chat, what should I do?

A: You should send a ticket to our support, where you should provide name of the character, server, on which he's playing, your comments about the situation and screenshot, where we can CLEARLY see that some rule was broken.


Q: I have some problems with the forum, where to report?

A: Send your notices about features and bugs to our support, we will explain everything (if we'll be able).


Q: Why my posts/topics were deleted from forum?

A: There are administartors and moderators our forum, who not only follow the rule abidence, but also decide which content is suitable. If your topic was deleted it means it was totally unaccaptable, if your post was deleted it means that either it was offtopic or it was not accepted by administration.


Q: I actually want to ask something about relic/quest/gold earning your technical support. Why shouldn't I do that?

A: The most important thing to remember here is that technical support is not some kind of information cabin, that's why we want you to send your tickets which only include EULA violation, for any other question you have game chat and forum.


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