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Sauron, EU-Emerald, "The death in the desert winds"

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A loud creak is heard as the gates of Er-Sahil slowly open and reveal the vast desert outside the northern walls of this great city. I and an old necromancer next to me are gazing over the endless dunes seeing nothing but sand shining with goldish shimmer under the scorching sun. I’m a lesser chieftain of the Eagle Clan, and we have been appointed as the representatives of the Legion to meet with the merchants of the northern mountains. As we start our journey across the desert, the characters waving their hands behind us at the city gates become smaller and smaller until we are all alone in the midst of the sands. And so we walked under the brilliant sun…


Thousands of footsteps behind our backs we walk and walk and will yet again leave thousands of footsteps behind us, only to repeat this same process again and again. My eyes are seeking for even a small hint of mountain peaks above the dunes but to no avail. My legs are cramping for all the walking, and my mouth is drying as I’m trying to preserve the last bits of water we still have. It’s good that my necromancer companion doesn’t need water, but even still, it seems as if his body is starting to crumble due to the dryness. He can’t say anything because his jawbone is missing, but I can clearly see that even he’s beginning to have a hard time walking. As we are no longer sure that we are going to the right direction, we decide to take a rest.


As the night comes, I’m experiencing a spiritual dream where I’m flying as an eagle above the dunes seeking for anything that is not sand. I fly great distances back and forth but can see no helpful sign. Suddenly, the wind rises and I’m struggling to stay in the air. I hear a sudden sharp howl and wake up from my dream. The necromancer is gazing at the stars and then comes to me signaling that we should get going while it’s not so hot. He seems to have an idea of which direction we should next head to. As we continue our walk, I can feel a slight breeze on my cheeks which makes me feel uncomfortable.


A few hours later when the sun’s first rays begin to appear, I can nothing but gasp in horror as I look at the horizon on our left side. A huge endless wall approaches us with a horrifying speed. But it’s not a wall. It’s a sandstorm. The red sun rises and casts its rays across the desert giving everything an eerie red tint. As the first grains of sand start to lash my face, I hear again that same terrible howl I heard in my dream. It’s not the sandstorm itself but something evil in it. I glance at the necromancer, but he seems to be only pleased, and then I fall into a deep slumber…

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