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Herdsy, EU-EMERALD, "The sand trader"

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Once upon a time there was a merchant named Hermah, who was sailing on a majestic sailboat through the turbulent waters of the ocean. He carried with him a valuable cargo of exotic spices and silks, destined to be sold in distant lands. However, a terrible storm struck the sea and, against his will, the ship was wrecked.
Hermah, fighting for his life, managed to reach a deserted beach, but realized that he was in the middle of a vast and desolate desert. With no other options, he decided to enter this inhospitable place in search of help.
The days passed and each time the hope of being saved faded. Hermah began to despair and realized that his future was in his own hands. With his cunning and experience in trade, he began trading his wares with some local nomads he met while wandering the hot sands in exchange for food and shelter. Little by little, he earned his respect and admiration.
Over time, Hermah became the leader of a small merchant guild in the desert. Together, they met the unforgiving challenges of the arid environment and built a thriving oasis in the midst of adversity. Hermah became a wise and charismatic leader, guiding his guild to success and prosperity.
However, as his power grew, so did his greed. Hermah was carried away by ambition and began to exploit the resources of the oasis without thinking about the consequences for the environment and the people around it. He ignored the voices of those who warned of the danger of his pursuit of riches. 
Eventually, Mother Nature decided to put a stop to Hermah's greed. An unprecedented drought ravaged the oasis, leaving the inhabitants without water and hope. Time passed and nothing improved, sand monsters began to be seen around the oasis that inexplicably attacked the llamas of the nomads. Hermah faced the fury of his own guild, who accused him of bringing them to disgrace through his unbridled greed.
Abandoned and guilty, Hermah withdrew to a corner of the desert, reflecting on his mistakes. He realized his mistake and how he had lost sight of important values in his pursuit of power and wealth. He decided it was time to redeem himself and make up for all the damage caused.
He worked tirelessly to restore the oasis and dedicated himself to helping his guild and the desert nomads. He learned to value the importance of cooperation and care for the environment. His example inspired others, and little by little, the oasis flourished again.
Over time, Hermah became a leader respected for his wisdom and humility. Recognizing his transformation, the inhabitants of the oasis offered him the chance to be the eternal guardian of the oasis. Hermah accepted the honor gratefully, knowing that he had found his true purpose in life. He promised to take care of the oasis and its inhabitants.

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