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"Initiating inter-dimensional subsystem  relay, target alpha clone-1-105522 begin transmission"



As the days have passed in the lands of Arinar  warriors, sorcerers, and mercenaries grew weary of the days to come, fighting the unending forces of the undead forsaken death knights.



A promising Ranger continues it's spark against the darkness of the enemies with the flash of his arrows and skills of his wits he has managed to overcome odds of hardships and gain the trust of a fellow elf guild, it was a fruitful yet slow progress but his time was short lived no one knows what happened to this ranger of the sentinels, it was all progressing at first but the infighting against everyone made this strange ranger go rampant against it's own kind, sabotaging and destroying plan tactics while also destroying morale among it's peers,  the sentinels seeing him as a threat marked him as a  terrorist, a defect and informs everyone that this ranger is not a part of the sentinels anymore. Feeling betrayed and insanity brewing into his brain day by day a new form of emotion grew into the ranger's heart it swells with hatred and that he'll do anything just to see the universe burn and see the once happy mischievous smiles of his comrade fall into despair. In his view he saw the sentinels as corrupt lowly beings.



And so the ritual



After decades of absences from the people's eyes hiding among the dark caverns  his schemes have finally progress, Seeing no other relevant choices the ranger instead calls upon the higher demons of CHAOS to embrace his hatred and connect them on one another, with the blood of circles complete and a sacrificial arrow metal tip, his blood flows unto the circle his mind went blank and moments later his eyes burn like fire and his hair turn into a cold raging white snow. The reborn ranger forgotten everything in his past self, with newly aquired otherworldly powers, hatred greater than ever, and a self-embraced  darkness in exchange of his soul which he names himself into 




And lo Zaitothrax 

Is on an unholy quest to break the tombs of the pyramids of Almahad His next terrible evil plan is to aquire an ancient artifact, built by gods from unknown worlds and wielded by old heroes and kings, with the futuristic energy plasma Cannon in his hands lord Zaitothrax will surely be unstoppable, as Zaitothrax set sails unto the blue sea, on upon his arrival however Zaitothrax ultimately used his new found CHAOS powers to wreck havoc among the neighboring towns of Almahad , no one is safe from the hordes of swarming undead fearsome wolves of the once innocent ranger, of course Zaitothrax didn't forgot to keep an eye out of the sentinels leaving a identical robot clone of his own encased in a dark coffin inside a cave unknown.




       ** Receiving transmission **   




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