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Padrevenom, elf, US SAPPHIRE "Sands of the past"

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Many years ago, in the scorching deserts of the Alhamad, a legendary Mage emerged. Armed with mastery over elemental magic, Mage was praised by the desert tribes as their protector. His sworn enemy, Anubis, a sinister sorcerer, looked to harness dark forces for his domination.

Years of battles went by between Mage and Anubis, the sands bearing witness to their clashes and chaos. Anubis commanded sandstorms and created illusions, while Mage's elemental magic kept his people safe. The tension between them built like an impending storm.

One fateful day, Mage discovered an ancient tablet that had a secret: a hidden spell with the power to neutralize Anubis's magic. Determined, Mage embarked on a dangerous journey, wandering the treacherous desert to find his sworn enemy. 

When Mage finally stood before the great Anubis, Anubis attacked him, wielding magic fueled by his obsession for power. The final battle raged, each spell shaking the desert floor. At the brink of defeat, Mage revealed the secret spell, destroying Anubis's dark magic.

As Anubis's power waned, the desert sands swallowed him, leaving Mage victorious. But the true twist awaited—a revelation that Anubis had been bound by an ancient curse, his lust for power made him lose his true self. 

In his final moments, Anubis confessed that he once swore to save the desert but was embraced by the curse. Sobbing with remorse, Anubis used his remaining energy to break the curse, sacrificing himself to restore balance to the desert.

Mage's victory transformed him into a legendary figure in Arinar. He was no longer just a protector of the tribes but a unifier of all elfs.

The story of Mage and Anubis echoed through the winds, all the way to the Chainless leauge. It was a reminder that even in the harshest of landscapes, the sands of fate could shift in unexpected ways.... Will history repeat itself? 

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