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Wh Rework To Avoid Wh Scammers


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So, the wh could be reworked like that: Leader, Right Hands and Heirs will be able to deposit an item and set a price for each one piece.


-add a cart system, when the guild players wants to take an item they first have to put the items they want to buy inside a cart, then go to the cart section and the cart will show the total amount they have to pay to purchase the selected items.


- Add a direct purchase system, so they can buy faster a single item or set without having to put it inside a cart to purchase it.


- Add the gold value of the item (which is setted by the Leader, Right Hands and Heirs) visible to all the guild players before they add the item to the cart or before they direct purchase it (someting like the mcoins shop).


- Add a confirmation pop-up message before making the purchase of the items.


- Add options in the settings to disable the pop-up messages (one which disables the cart pop-up and one which disables the direct buy pop-up), this will be for ppl that wants to buy things faster, for those that buys wh stuffs often or for those that would get annoyed by those pop-up purchase confirmation warnings messages.


If the wh system is going to be implemented like this then wh scammers will be gone. @Dr Strange @LeeLoo


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