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Facts About Warspear

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fact# 163 :  the boss nyarlat( nyarlathotep)  in ayvondil  and the boss nab shiggurath( shub niggurath)  are deities created by h.p lovecraft 


fact#164: the boss "faceless" was punched in the face by r0land


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Fact 164: Ayvondil was once the capital of the elves.


Fact 165: The White Wanderer created the world of Arinar


Fact 166: The White Wanderer tasked Nuadu, Harad and Garahan to guard the Warspear


Fact 167: The Elves were created first while the Chosen were created after the Elves.


Fact 168: The Elves can live without dying of old age but can be killed.


Fact 169: The Chosen have short lives conpared to the long-lived elves.


Fact 170: The White Wanderer’s location is unknown.

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Fact #171: a lot, if not all names used by NPC's in chapter 4 of Ayvondil's story are Greek or reference Greek names or deities. Think of NPC's such as Peleus or bosses such as Tetrarch, the Hoplites or the Nomarchs.

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