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I dont call myself a "Legend", was just wondering that some persons pmed me with: Welcome back Legend :D


well yeah, im back and i do some videos again about EU_EMERALD Gameplay :)


this time my videos will have MUSIC and english commentary!


Whats the most exciting thing in EU-Emerald now a days?


btw when i have 500 Subscriber im doin a GIVEAWAY were all player can win something!


enjoy the video :)



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DAYUM I remember you!!! But you don't remember me haha I'm from US Sapphire. Finally some old forum users back again!  :clapping: Nice to see some old players of warspear again. WELCOME BACK!  :)

Playing on US-Server the last time was 2 years ago :D thx for these words, nice to read this :)

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I prefer Sulla and Slay as legends, but not u Jayrox xD

Welcome back, long time no see anyway! :)


i agree with you, especially slay, he was the bd i "learned" from, great player!


like i said, i wouldnt call myself a legend, but many did when i first logged in after many many months :D


btw my newest video:


With new music!


Enjoy it :)


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THX for 500 Subscriber!
I made a special video, you can win 50k !

How to win:

1. Like this video: Hit the thumb up button
2. Comment below with your Character Name und your Server!
3. you have better chances to win when you share this video on your facebook page

There will be some surprise giveaways as well, but i dont tell you what it is yet ;) But you can be sure, there will be more than just 1 winner ;)


Winner will be announced when the video has 500 clicks, so make sure you share it as often as you can!

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