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Karlim, BR tourmaline, The piramyd legend

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Among the various stories about the secrets that exist in the vast desert of almahad, one of them stands out. The legend of the ancient pyramid. Many say that it is just a legend,Others strongly believe in your existence, but only you can discover the truth.

Some people also tell about the origin of the legend, they say that a crazy old man lost in the desert tells about the pyramid.it would be good Look for it. 

The old man was lost in the middle of the desert in his old tent, he can barely speak, he just repeats the phrases  : "pyramid", "explore", "salmahar", "they killed me" "ancient desert".

The pyramid must be in the ancient desert!

After delving deeper into the dangerous ancient desert, there stands the Big ancient pyramid, so huge that it seems to tear through the sky.

The pyramid does not even have an entrance, but it has a kind of staircase that leads to its top, and there it is, a small entrance, but without a doubt there is no way to go back if you enter.

The big pyramid is full of traps and strange beings, they even look like mummies they, use a powerful and unknown magic.

It will be a good journey to get to the end of the pyramid,legends said that the main treasure is in the tomb of the pyramid.

The further you go into the tomb, the more dangerous it gets, with more and more traps and powerful mummies.

After long fights and traps, you reach the ancient tomb.

The ancient tomb has an air of darkness and a horrible smell, the room is completely empty, there is only the ancient tomb, it is to be expected that there is something valuable inside it...but no.

Inside the tomb there is an ancient pharaoh, and as soon as the stone slab of the tomb is removed, the being comes out of the tomb and begins to speak strange words, then the servants of the pyramid enter the tomb room.

The servants do not attack, they just walk towards the pharaoh, it is then that the pharaoh begins to suck the energy from the servants, they fall to the ground and the pharaoh grows more and more ,he dont look happy with the explorer's presence, it's time to fight.

After defeating the pharaoh your body dries up and falls to the ground, the spirit leaves the body and somehow you manage to understand what it says, the spirit thanks you, it speaks your name, salmahar, the poor spirit he was imprisoned by the servants of the pyramid against his will, and for that he cursed the pyramid

Salmahar is happy with you, besides he chose you in the desert, even if he couldn't say much he brought you to the pyramid.The old madman was an emanation of salmahar!

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