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Butona, EU-Emerald , "the secret behind a pretty face"

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One day, some people said that the buried place reappeared... Then I asked "what place is that?? The people replied “it is an ancient city that has been lost for a long time…. It is said that there are so many treasures buried and guarded by very strong monsters. the next day I and other people started planning to go to the place that had been lost for a long time .,, we arrived at that place , " haaah ?? I and the others were confused.. why was this place that had just appeared so crowded with people, a beautiful-looking woman came to greet us, she introduced herself as a princess here.. people whispered "Why is there a princess here?? isn't this place new.. hmmm the princess gave several dishes of food, and asked.. '' What do you need to come here for? I also replied '' To look for ancient treasures that have been buried for a long time in this place.. '' does the princess know about these ancient treasures?? The daughter answered '' I know where the treasure is buried.. '' You better not go there '' said the daughter I replied '' why?? I have a pet '' MOON '' And also four friends who are very strong..'' Please tell us where the treasure is buried . " Putri '' Well.. if you insist, I'll give you a hint The next day we rushed to the monster's place to look for the treasure ... long story short we arrived at the monster'' hmmm? Where is the monster '' said a friend Suddenly came a huge sandstorm….A person appeared…. "wahahaahahaha, I've trapped you guys" (princess turns into a 3-headed monster)

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