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Go find builds which are just unusual! Not something everyone does!


  • You must point out what kind of pros and cons that build could have
  • If you dont point out why you should use that build, your build is invalid
  • trolling purpose can be a reason, but its not enough.

I start:

Priest DPS:

Full dex for God's Help
Full cd (isn't unusual, but to spam skills and make this build effective)
Its designed for PvP, so Enchants can be resilence


  • 5/5 Tear
  • 4/5 Shield
  • 4/5 Heal

Those Expert skills:

  • God's Help (Do you even know what that skill is? Its like Mage's Dragon Eye)
  • Payback (Damage and last nuke)
  • Valor Aura (Damage increase)
  • Elusive threat (Kiting ftw)
  • (Redemtption (CC is the greatest foe of an assasin))


  • Players would never expect a priest NUKING them
  • Most of Priests expert skills are quite offensive, Why not use them
  • Most of Priests basic skills are utility related
  • Heal and Shield depend on your Magic(&)), so with the skills above its not a big deal


  • Priests real purpose will be a bit offset


Why should you use this build?

Because, the priest has many offense skills, and why not use them?

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The fact that not even noso is repling to this might be a sign of me going full retard...



It's classified:)


Want an unusual build?

My build :dirol:


I have like 44 magic damage, but also 45 mana regen, plus over 200 mana, which means somewhat unlimited mana :yahoo:

Reason: The bladedancer expert skills are quite a bit demanding.

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btw this priest idea is awesome. I used to dabble with it since i am a terrible support healer i play shaman and priest with mostly offensive skills and heal myself with a lv3-4


I had the idea if you make it a nuke priest your new class title is Sage or Red Priest

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Currently I'm making a build for my bladedancer, which is quite uncommon.



Dark outlaw armor+gloves(bonus speed)

Golden dawn boots+helmet(boots golden dawn has att speed+mana regen which allows me to put 2 pen on rings)

Lvl20 parry/dodge/att speed cloack(idk name xD)

Rings not decided yet but put penetration on both

Ruthless belt lvl20

2x lords daggers

Amulet of medailion power, because of att speed and penetration


I'm still working on it, feel free to comment about the build

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Anyways, nice offensive build O.o

I do think building light armor as bd is not that bad since its a lot more offensive, rather its maximizing bds dmg :o

Yeah, nice build :good:

But maximizing defense on a bladedancer could be an advantage, since rogues won't kill you that fast anymore:)

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