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why isnt maaraa banned?

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Why isn't maaraa banned? If I'm correct purchasing of accounts is illegal. I'm lovbeast a lvl 10 rogue. Friends with ryderx. Its kind of funny how you don't bann her cause she spends tons of cash on Warspear. Yet u bann others who don't spend much. Funny don't you think. Then Ryder's post about this same topic on forums gets deleted? Something's going on here. Prefreneces to players who spend lots of cash on a game.

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I agree idk im mainly curious why roland deleted my topic yet when Poley comments on arena season winners he jumps the gun and listens did you not even read my topic roland did you post on my topic reassuring

Justice will be made? I didnt see anything .... Choosing favorites is un proffessional id like to be talked to please. In a respectful manner as you treat others i heard your a good guy roland but you wont get my respect unless you give me

The same respect back

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I deleted all ss i showed one where all the lv7 accs logged on same time i added to friends and they didnt come on one by one LITTERALLY 5 accs at once so i told them to check it out because idk anyone who can log 5 accs at the exact same


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I deleted all ss i showed one where all the lv7 accs logged on same time i added to friends and they didnt come on one by one LITTERALLY 5 accs at once so i told them to check it out because idk anyone who can log 5 accs at the exact same


buying/selling acc is a unsolved problem atm yes, also i noticed ur screens and as far as i remember it shows only the problem about acc buying/selling


About arena fighting against own loose party i have seen enough players logging more than 5 chars at the same time , depends on howany devices the player has


If there is no actual proof of maara multitasking him/herself ,( a pic showing where a player has opened warspear muptible times, or a video of smbdy doing it ,to log more than 1 char via 1 device...)


Nearly every level bracket is doing this now

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Not sure why ppl need to report, it doesnt bother the players. If someone gets scammed then hes a dumbass who should have known better.

Also, the dumbass needs to be protected. There are things in the game which REQUIRE trust. Or didnt you never trusted something a friend for a transfer? Well, what if he scammed you?


nvm, move to topic


I don't get why noone is actually banned. The WC became a trade  chat for acc dealers.

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deja de llorar novato!
ya perdiste los anillos!
los gane de forma legal si no, no me los ubieran dado!
sos un terrible novato!
anda a llorarle a tu mamita mejor!

ceases to mourn rookie!
and lost rings!
the gain legally if not, Ubiera given me!
sos terrible rookie!
walk and cry to your mommy better!

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Uhm if you think im worried about the ring now im not... Lmao actaully little sickened about the rewards they suck ass.

Btw you just say legal when we provided evidence you atleast broke one Eula Rule.

Im stopping it now so u cant steal others arena rewards or others see you do it and think its ok. Its the same thing with hassn im saying

He deserves to be banned also. But everyone in Eu seems

Scared to say anything to support... I havent seen any topics im not afraid

To Provoke whats cheating and whats not. Ik people have seen what Maaraa is doing and are now planning

To use it in every bracket. so if you think this is somehow against me? Your dead wrong

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Jarlaxxle just defending his Scammer friend Jon is a disgrace o Vortex By this point. sorta sad just a game tho.


Absalom Maaraa bought 6 lv7 Characters to AVOID fighting lv10s and logs the devices to pass Ppl in there ranks she took 2 This season. You claimed Skynete was trying to tank your rank correct think of that except you couldn't get Skynete in arena nor his Alt party so you couldn't defend with friends only option would be afk pt. I only have 2 accs so getting 4 other people to help me is harder then it looks.. And

All accs were logged exact

Time "Fyrefiend Maraa Maaraa Marquios"Etc all logged on at once when i added to friends and waited for her to come

spam. Thats indicating multiclient from one computer which is also Vs eula Rules now think if you need 5 lv7s would you take the time when you only had a week to spam and pass someone with them? No even if it doesnt take long you still wouldnt have enough time when that person is at 1k battles so the Accounts were obviously Bought. And my Ss Even proved she was buying Accs "Compro Char lv7" You have one of the people who were helping her Buy Accounts And Help promote this in your guild.... Jarlaxxle defends him when i caught him stealing tickets from Vortex Wh to give

To Maaraa so i kicked. Now Jarlaxxle believes ersowa who said i kicked him cus he beats me in arena when he cant even beat me 1v1... But thats not the point. Point is Maaraa broke 3+ Eula Rules And devs wont ban cus she spends a shit load of money.

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Turtle, i just say that it has no sense because ersowa had newbie rank and newbies cant get items from guild Wh.


In addition you said ersowa got tickets to give them to maaraa, a rich player with enough mcoins to make both arena reward rings +10 in less than 1h. I don´t get the point on stealing something and giving it to a mcoin user that doesn´t need anything, and less tickets, because they are so cheap... 1k or so each set  :facepalm:


On the other hand maybe I am wrong, so if you show me any picture in which you can prove that ersowa stole items from Wh chest i will believe it, but it is stupid to think that somebody is going to steal ti instead of better stuff.


And by prooofs i mean the kind of those in which the system says " X player has withdrawn X item from guild chest". I know erso as well as i know you, so it´s strange if any of u say the other is a thief. 


Most probably thing is that we will never know, so let´s end this thing.



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