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1st Island boss drops.

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Hey guys,

Didn't find any topic regarding this so posting here.

Can anyone tell me which boss drops which equipments on island one?

I know that last boss drops weapons, 2nd last boss drops rings(atleast deathdancer gave me a ring). Any info on other equipments?



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I can help you out Spy drops boots Dd drops accessories and belts


Gloves and helm torar body weapons same for forsaken isle just go back a boss each time

Thanks bro,

This is what I was looking for  :good:. Would have given you a +karma but that system does not exist anymore  :) .

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Where is that? Cant remember all area names :P

Chosen's island.

anyone know if bosses from Langasard drop anything?

Maybe it just the same as the other 1st islands (see the turtle's post for the drops). The different is only the equipments' classes. In chosen, the bosses drop chosen classes' eqs, etc. Edited by Hanazono Hikari
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