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[2015.03.05] Warspear Online 4.8. The Honoring of the Spring King

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Warriors of Arinar!

The Warspear Online 4.8 update will be available right after the restart of our game servers for Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Mac OS and Linux! Please, note that the actual release for different platforms may vary.

The Honoring of the Spring King begins! It’s a main spring Holiday filled with warmth and love that will last until the 23rd of March. Hurry and join the mass celebration and you’ll be able to receive unique rewards! More information about them and the luxury Treasury of the Spring King in our latest announcement.

In other important news – The current Arena season has ended and there were many winners, all enjoying their fantastic rewards! The Glory was great!!

Warspear Online update 4.8 will bring a lot of important changes. You are already familiar with some of them if you’ve followed our news, but that wasn’t a full list of upcoming changes and fixes.

Additional changes


We’ve added a timer that shows the time left until the end of a fight.

The number of Guild Points for battles on 19-20, 21-22 and 23-24 levels has been increased.

The number of Rating Points and Guild Points for battles on new 15-16 and 17-18 levels was adjusted.

The information about your opponents in Arena locations is now displayed in a red font, even if they belong to your Alliance.

Binding of equipment

All heroic equipment of the 20th level, which you can exchange in Guild’s Colloseum or Guild’s Traders for Crimson Corrundums, was altered to “On equip” binding. You can finally sell your trophies to other players!


We changed the parameters of Resurrection by Life Scrolls or Miracle Coins. The number of health and energy points was increased by 40% and a temporary buff protects you from PvE-attacks instead of PvP, as before.

Accessories changes

The physical damage bonus of the Cloak of Greatness was increased by 7%.

Bug fixes

Necromancer’s “Infection” works according to description.

The displaying of the upper line in game chat has been fixed. Now it works as it used to.

Text disappearing while switching between chat windows has been fixed.

That's all for now! Don’t forget to follow our news, we have even more impressive events to come!

See you!


UPD: we also added music to PC client, going to test if it works fine.

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nice but u not tell how much hours it take ? ;D ;D :give_rose: :give_rose:

As r0land said in the last announcement it's about 1 hour.

PS : Why in 'Game servers stop', the date is 2015.03.06?

Edit : xD the date has been changed as soon as Mr Peter saw this.

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will extermination skill be fixed?

how was it bugged, actually? level 1 was lasting too long or level 2-4 didnt last long enough?


both, the duration for each level of the skill was messed up. also it wasn't possible to use this skills and maintain stealth but i think they already fixed that part.

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Fix Extermination skill...!

Lv.1: buff duration = 20 sec. But then at Lv.2: buff duration = 10..?!

Please tell me this is a bug..!!

Thank you.

Maybe because of the higher percentage of cooldown, costs seconds of the buff itself.

If it isnt a bug

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