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Basically it's one account per device, not per player. Especially because you can make two on each of your devices to make it "legit", and through sharing you can "have" many accounts, that is, if you have a lot of friends. It can be seen as a flaw in the EULA, since you can't be banned by having more than two accounts if they are assigned to different IPs. As for me, I think this limit is quite easily explainable, since the game has twelve classes and you can make two accounts with six character slots each. By the way, if you have many accounts commonly mean that you're afraid of losing all your characters in case of being hacked\scammed. I kind of agree with the first reason, but totally disagree with the second one. The accounts store data, meaning that they will fill a space without any real need, thus making servers store more data, causing reduction in stability, even if small.

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