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[US]Scammer List - [No Acc Scammers, Acc scam victim?]

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Note: If you got scammed, you were not careful enough. Bad luck bro.


omg its your fault to get scammed

Scammers are still to be known, and punished, to protect the "dumb". Cmon, they are people too.

This topic does wont contain acc traders, as it is forbidden. Maybe i am going to make a topic about all known acc traders/scammers.
Also, i suggest that you make a ticket for support if you got scammed, because that is the first thing you should do.

Post your names like this

[scam Name] [Confirmed/Not Confirmed][Proven/Not Proven]
[Description on how he scammed, and other useful info.]



Rdmscem [Confirmed][Proven]
I traded 20 set signs for a rare costume, and he ignored me after the 15th set. People on World Chat complained about him too.

(valid ss)

Notsureiflie [Not Confirmed][Not proven]
He scammed 100k off me during a costume trade with "11111" trick

(Yes. This is allowed.)


  • The scammer is [Confirmed] if other players also are complaining about him. A scammer is automaticly confirmed if he is proven. Also, you should refer to some people who can tell you if he really is a scammer (But you dont have to.)
  • The scammer is [Proven] if there is a screenshot (No ss = not proven). The screenshot has to be posted, also in a spoiler, or as attachment. The screenshot must clearly show he is scamming. Videos are even better.
  • Dont use (too) vulgar or unclear words.
  • The description is a must. The post is invalid if there is no description.
  • The [Proven] parameter is not valid if there is not screenshot posted.
  • The value of the scam must exceed 5k.
  • No acc scammers.

Things to think about:

  • One is suspicious for lying when the scammer isnt confirmed, or none is named to ask if he is a scammer.
  • Same with [Not Proven]
  • Generally, be aware that sss can get faked.
  • Please be aware that people might post a not guilty person, just to ruin his name. These persons are to be cursed to death and to be an eternal scam victim ^^

How to not do it

Scemrdm [confmt][prvm]
he scem meh 1set tix ban this shit scammer fekin twat
(no ss)

(I think its obvious)


Accscem [Confirmed][Proven]
He scammed my acc Breakrules, lvl 24 pala. Ihaterulez, imaidiot and traderacc got scammed too.

(valid ss)

(Acc scamming is not point of this post)



This is a pure list. The discussions about them has been moved to another topic




Edit: Somehow, This Topic was in US First. Then Legion locked it because it seems to not fit US-Sapphire forum section, And then this topic got moved here. This Topic is actually only for US. To Report a scammer from another server, go post it there, or start an own scammer topic as EU-Emerald did.


I got a request for mods. If someone is posting something that doesnt belong into the rules, i wish you to delete the post.

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Huntpriest [Confirmed][Not Proven]

Guild scammer, scammed gold and items in value of ~10-20k i think. Victims or people who know are Bombbsaway (aka Sunamiking aka Uisdooomed aka Atomicbom aka Bombingbom aka etc..), me (He admitted, and gave 1 item back), and 2 people whose names i cant remember.



unloveoun[confirmed within 2/3 days][proven]

Spamming the world chat with a link to a "free mcoins" site. We all know that that just installs a virus on your computer.


To see ss, go to discussion topic



kainxpana + kingxpana[...][[Confirmed][Not Proven]][...]

I will contribute by naming a well known player who scams, i do not have evidence

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