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Thank You, Warspear Online!

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Hello dear players, GMs.

My name is volex And ive been playing here since jan 2008/

I would like to thank GMs And players who gave me such a great time.

I had so much fun, But everything has an end.

So im done here, I guess. Thank you.

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Hmm, i get some conclusions :

1. WS 1st release in 2008, for Russians only. (pay to play)

2. it released for the worldwide/international since 2011. (free to play)


FYI : Do you know that Aigrind wasnt the one who created WS? They overtook it in 2011.

I heard two different versions about it :

1. Since 2011, the company name of WS creator was changed into Aigrind.

2. Aigrind is a different company to the company of WS creator.

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Just for the record skizzy.

I was born in USA, Which means im an american. Idk how many times ive told you that in NBKs Guild chat.

Suddenly you started hating for a unknown reason..

And i used to pay to play bruh, Anyway idc About what you think brother.

Hello edstrike, Yushiko. 
Note : Haters STILL Love Me.

Ill comment from time to time around Ws. Forums.

Note for Skiz : Get a life and stop wasting real money on the game brother.

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