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Let us attack any village during wars


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are you really asking this?? At least you elf have enough population to successfully stage an attack and defend... we cant do either on MC. This update is horrible for MC just like every other update. Im starting to think MC side is just a mouse for the Elf side to play with, we arent really supposed to win anything.

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I really agree about the population problem, as I remember they disabled the ability to open a character on sentinel side. But I can open it now so why was it removed? It should seriously get back because the sentinels are really ruling the wars. I felt bad when I saw about 40 legion players trying to attack Camp Riff against hundreds of sentinels. And this won't change on other wars too everyone can be sure about it.


Even that this was a great update which most of the people in one side get online at the same time and work together, If this is only a war that sentinels rule then it won't make any sense defending or attacking a town for the legion.


It may also cause players on legion side leaving the game getting tired of keep loosing. Since the beginning the population problem wasn't a big problem because there wasn't any advantage taken after the wars but it has changed now. I believe that its an emergency and this should be solved really fast.


There might also be a limit for the created characters on each side just as 100 players are allowed to create a character on sentinels and 1000 players are able to create a legion character.


It's just an emergency and anything should be done to solve it.

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this war thing kinda was made for elf and I will tell u why cuz even if Mc had same population as elf still none of the both sides could get near totam by 5 yards and lived so near totam is highly defended so no melee attack can reach their which Rangers are this game machine guns they just keep taping skills and boom

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