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[2015.02.17] Warspear Online 4.7: Birth of the Tempest. Release.

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Facebook this big problems hacked for money warspear online!

1 day my gmail no response, i wait 4 days if no response and no back items many others

will this stock crash warspear online after i quit game

i link here see for u administrators



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9 minutes ago, vla-wot said:

more 4 day last monday my gmail if no response see all yours, i don't joke


Vla you need to have patience my friend. We understood the situation and the letter was sent already: it's the support team's job now to carefully check your case. Admins have no more powers in this case as they did everything in their powers to help you out.


I have to ask you not to spam topics with the same message all the time now, please. 

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