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Nimereti - EU-Emerald - Poem

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Tavern song Spirit of Celebration


I am in cores of [Magic Staves]
That shed destruction or keep peace
And in the hearts of heroes brave
But even more my spirits reach 


For I inspire year by year
A type of flame in every <faction>
To fight for goals inside Warspear
Online, to each their own attraction 



To sorrows or prayers I have no relation
I'm the Spirit of Arinar - and the Celebration

So, dear friends, from Melvendil to Mermen posts
All rise an [Ale] or [Heady Rum] for me and make a toast!




Happy 15th birthday and thank you for persistance and ceaseless work to expand and improve the game! May the spirit of celebration stay with you this whole event period. Cheers to both developers and all the dedicated players!


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