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Magical Death Knight Build Questions [11.4]

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Considering these talents from the Death Face branch:


Lesser talents


 прокл рыцар.png Knight's Curse+

Increases skill power gain from character's magical damage by 1.5 \ 3 \ 4.5%.

ураган стали.png Steel Hurricane+

Increases skill power gain from character's magical damage by 9%.

аура ненависти.png Aura of Hatred+

Increases the effect of a skill that increases a character's physical and magical power by 2%.

выдох мрака.png Exhalation of Darkness+

Increases skill power gain from character's magical damage by 2 \ 4 \ 6%.


Key class talents


эхо проклят ДК.png Damned Echo

Increases the duration of the effect of “Knight's Curse” skill by 12 sec. Now, during the effect, near the enemy every 3 sec. creates a cursed area for 3 sec. When the “Kiss of Death” effect ends prematurely, a zone is formed near the enemy with the duration remaining from the effect.

крещен тьмой.png Baptism of darkness

Increases the character's basic magical strength by 25% of the character's basic physical power.


What is the best build for Magical Damage?


We would have 3 extra skill points from all the Stellar Blessing talents, so we can get 1 more expert skill at 4/4, giving us 4 skills at max level.


Knight's Curse at 4/4 is the main focus of the Magical DK.


I've been thinking of using Aura of Hatred for several reasons:

  • Besides the magical damage buff, there's also the physical damage buff, which indirectly increases magical damage due to the talent Baptism or Darkness.
  • The defense buff, which i believe that increases the damage reduction of Dark Shield.
  • The Accuracy buff because pretty much every DK skill can be dodged.


Now, i don't know if i should use Steel Hurricane because i think the damage is kinda underwhelming, even with the talent, and we already have Knight's Curse as an AoE damage skill.


So i've been thinking of using Sharp Shadow instead:

  • High single-target magical damage.
  • 100% Stun for 3.5 seconds.
  • 20% HP heal with Saturation, even if the latter is 1/4.


Talking about it, i think Saturation would be helpful for a bit more of sustain.


So what do you guys think of the following build?

Knight's Curse - 4/4

Aura of Hatred - 4/4

Sharp Shadow - 4/4


With extra Skill Points:

Saturation - 4/4

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Umm, lets keep quiet with DKs. No offense. The update is a game changer for DKs and well need. Let's wait until the update starts and finish. 

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Good suggestion! In my opinion if you want to make a hybird dk, the Vampiric Essence would be the best option!( I dont know if its gonna be good in pvp?)

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