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Gijoe, US-Sapphire, Poem

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Hi everyone,

Below is my entry for the contest



In realms boundless, where avatars dance,

a world of legends, a digital trance,

for the quest of spear, a decade and a half,

we rejoice its magic, its joy, its craft.


From dungeons dark to castles high,

we fought relentless, under virtual sky,

through guilds united, alliances formed,

in wars and raids, together we stormed.


Cheers to the Arinar heroes who battled with might,

to the devs who brought dreams to light,

on this momentous anniversary,

we gather to honor Warspear's legacy.

Wishing a fantastic fifteenth anniversary to the amazing community of Warspear Online. Thank you for fifteen years of thrilling adventures and unforgettable memories!


Edited by Gijoe
finished poem
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