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Last of my memory


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Here's to things that Warspear Online left me, have a look. You can see old players here. Vigachan just lvl 14.


 The pic is of my friend and video of random US- Sapphire players. 



VIdeo link:


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It would be better if I had mouse at that time. And I am surprised to know you still play it . May be I will join again but the updated ruined the game. It's not same anymore. Back in time it was perfect and made the most out of it. I guess devs should roll back some changes.

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Devs are scumbags. After the 3.6 update, almost every update suckes. Sorry to say this, but what I say is true. They should never have added expert skills to the game.

Have a nice tip: don't change perfect things. It won't make them perfect anymore.

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