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[2023.05.24] Results of the photo contest “Maestro of Reincarnations - 2023”

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The jury thanks the participants for their skillful work and announces that they are ready to announce the winners of the photo contest “Maestro of Reincarnations - 2023”!


Master of level III will receive: 15,000 Miracle Coins + 20 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs + Bronze forum badge @Ricardo Neto - "Traje Rena rudolf"


Master of level II will receive: 20,000 Miracle Coins + 30 Seeker's Endurance Elixirs + Silver forum badge @YaraM - Traje perseguidor da meia-noite


Masters of level I will receive: 30,000 Miracle Coins + 50 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs + Gold forum badge @TikolinaPat - Prima 

Measure seven times and photograph once!


As gratitude, other participants whose works did not break the rules of the contest, will receive the incentive prize of 10 Surprise Chest!



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