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Английский и Pусский =D!

Ваш сервер и Ваша фракция?  

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  1. 1. На каком сервере вы играете?

  2. 2. Какой фракцией вы играете?

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If I scratch the back of my head, it's okay!
There is only sawdust in it, yeah, yeah, yey!
But although there's only sawdust,
All these shouties & those screamies...
And also the noisies,
pantloudies and sighpuffies...
I compose them rather nicely on some days! Yes!
Winnie-Pooh lives quite a good life in this land,
That is why he sings these ditties all aloud!
What he’s doing doesn’t matter,
If he doesn’t grow much thinner,
And I know that he won't get there...
If he doesn't skip the dinner... Yes.

:wacko:  :wacko:  :wacko:

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I've been wondering...:suspiciousowl:

Is it just me or when u tell a joke in English, it sounds like... a joke; and when u do the same in Russian, it sounds stupid 

As in, ''I feel nice... like rice'' sounds like a joke

Andddd ''Я чувствую себя хорошо, как рис:biggrin:'' ... sounds stupid

Shame on us :frozen:

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25 минут назад, Gopstopko сказал:

hi guys how is your keeping. May you teach me some English grammar:) What is more correct "We did see nothing over there" / "We did see nothing there"

and what exactly over there means? Why not just there))))

"There" often has similar meaning to "here", and "over there" always describe smth at distance from you.
Also you can just google it 🙂

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В 02.04.2020 в 22:35, OmaO сказал:

Я уверен, что половина комментаторов используя английский язык, заходит в переводчик😂

Ну хоть такое юзание инглиша, чем на русском писать везде и материть всех, ссылаясь что соперник не понимает ничего) 😄

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